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BBA (Economics) Faculty established in 2003 within the Faculties of Law and Political Science and Sharia, as a department, in 2008 it began its activities as an independent faculty. It is mentionable that the mentioned department had only 4 students and 1 permanent teacher and the teaching were carried by the help of teachers who were on contract. In 2006 after the first graduation three of the post graduate students became permanent teachers. Although having tones of challenges and problems, BBA (Economic) Faculty progressed a lot regarding to quality and quantity. In 2013 this faculty had 571 regular students. In 2013 BBA (Economic) Faculty had 16 teachers, from them 7 teachers were sent for MBA to Rour-Bochum University, Germany in 2009, In 2013 4 other teachers were sent for MBA to the same Rour-Bochum University, Germany, after they accomplish their MBA studies, they will return to their homeland and will continue their sacred mission at Sheikh Zayed University. In 2014 after the BBA Faculty hired 6 more teachers, the increment of teachers brought straight good effect on the quality of teachings. Economic Faculty (BBA) had an official department maned Business and Administration within the Faculty and in 2015 -92 two other departments named National Economic, Finance and Banking Department approved, from the very first day the faculty is carrying its teaching duties  according to the curriculum. In 2015 the faculty has provided 404 post graduate students in 8 batches to serve the society. The Economic Faculty had 571 students in 2015. In 2015 the faculty established night shift faculty having 92 students. The numeration of teachers and students exists at the bottom of these information.  Now a days the faculty has one General Director, one Academic Registrar, one Executive Director, one morning shift peon, and one night shift peon.       

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