History of Veteirnary Faculty

History of Veterinary Faculty

Veterinary Faculty has been approved by the Department of Higher Education in 1391 as a three-year-old Faculty of Education (Pre-clinic, Para clinic and clinic) in Shaikh Zayed University. The faculty has no special building for teaching and utilizes the construction of agriculture faculty for teaching. According to the Department's Department of Shaikh Zayed University, the drug department for construction of Varanasi University was promised to construct a new building worth a price of six and two thousand dollars in 1393, but the promise of unknown reasons was eradicated. . Well, too, the course has been successful successfully. In addition to the graduation of the graduation, this faculty also has problems with Kadari teachers, only six culinary teachers are present in this university, the faculty has more than three beds, and the Ministry of Higher Education has been announced on the site. have been


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