History of medecine faculty

History of medecine faculty:

Medical faculty has been established in the year 1381 (400) of its faculty and (36) teachers. Medical faculty has specially 136 bedrooms for students' practical activities, the faculty has special books, as well as all teaching rooms are equipped with projectors. The faculty has anatomy, microbiology, herbalology and parasetology laboratories. In the National Faculty of Pashto University, Pashto National language is taught in teaching.
Medical faculty has the following departments:
1- Clarified, feminine females, Antalya Department.
2- Department of Pediatricians, Poster and Dental Medicine.
3- Degree, Toward Cloaks, Infectious Illnesses and Radio Logistics.
4- Transparency Logistics, Microbiology and Adapt Medical Department.
5-Phosphysical, Biophysical and Biochemical Departments.
6- Dentomi, ambiologist and hostel departments.
7- Religious and Modern Depth in Biotechnology and Pharmacology.
8- The ENT (eye, eye hearing and difficulty) department
The Faculty offers the graduate to the community for general therapy

Dean of the faculty

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Vision and Mission of the faculty