Vision and Mission of Social Science Faculty

Basic Goals of the Faculty

  • To strengthen national and cultural morale and to eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  • To present pious, patriotic and professional individuals based on community needs.
  • To train professional cadres for universities, schools and other educational institutions.
  • To train such researchers who identify and solve social problems.
  • To train experts in social affairs for social and political institutions.
  • To train administrative cadres for government and private agencies.
  • To train analysts and practitioners to resolve social disputes at national and international levels.
  • To provide hardworking and righteous leaders to lead society to the right direction.

Vision, Mission and Values ​​of the Faculty


The Faculty of Social Sciences will present pious and professional cadres as lecturers, researchers and leaders through a systematic and quality education system.


The Faculty of Social Sciences is supposed to use the experiences of reputable national and international universities and to establish a standardized and sound educational environment, to enhance the academic and professional competencies of the lecturers and students.

To provide research possibilities on national and international basis for social problems and to train human power for our society according our daily needs.


  1. Islam and patriotism.
  2. Higher Education based on quality.
  3. Creating a research culture.
  4. Standard management and effective leadership.
  5. Academic Freedom.
  6. Accountability.
  7. Transparency in work and no corruption.
  8. Prevention of any discrimination

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